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The program of Oleksandr Tolubko, the new president of UHU

21:31, 08 september 2017

The program of Oleksandr Tolubko, the new president of UHU:

  1. Preservation of UHU’s status of the only official member of OMC in Ukraine, with the right to form a national team, a jury team and the right to vote.
    It raises no doubts that currently the opportunity to represent our country officially in OMC – being the organization No. 1 on the global level – is of crucial importance.
  2. I will do my best to ensure compliance with the OMC regulations in Ukraine.
  3. Development and support to the national competitions in the cities of our country under the auspices of UHU.
  4. Creation of new divisions like ‘brow modeling’ and ‘eyelash lengthening’ in UHU.
  5. Revision of out-dated contest nominations in all divisions and replacement with new, trendy, salon nominations, which will attract more participants.
  6. Creation and approval of a system for election of new juries for all divisions, a system of jury team work and advancement of their proficiency.
  7. Comprehensive cooperation with the Beauty Salon Standard Committee.
  8. Return of Kyiv Cup and the Championship of Ukraine to Intercharm exhibition. Conclusion of an agreement with the exhibition management, without any intermediaries.
  9. Support to establishment of a foundation of talented masters.
  10. In terms of budget and financial reporting issues, I will do my best to ensure compliance with the Charter of UHU by its members, paragraph 3.3 of which sets forth that a member of the Association is a person who submitted a written application and received a membership card, and paragraph 4.2 sets forth that the Association members are obliged to pay membership fees in accordance with the established procedure and amount. I will provide financial reports to the Presidium on a quarterly basis and in accordance with the Charter of UHU and to the Conference on a yearly basis.
  11. I would like UHU to become a popular and trendy organization, membership in which will be prestigious. For this purpose, we have to put our best efforts, first of all. Moreover, we need good advertising. Our time is the time of information technologies, therefore we need a website for UHU.
    I think that in a couple of months I will launch a good website, the project of which is already being developed.
    the website will contain all information about the national and international competitions, all training centers, teachers and trainers of UHU. In other words, the website will be a good advertising of all of you and of your training centers, and it will give a good possibility for the masters to find a trainer for themselves in any city or town across Ukraine.
  12. I will do my best to turn UHU into the organization with a very promising future.