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The National Team of Ukraine

The national team of Ukraine was formed in 1997. For a long time, it was managed by its founder – Liudmyla Abramova.

The first World Championship for the Ukrainian team was the Championship 1998 held in Seoul, South Korea. The Ukrainian team made everyone astonished with its impressive and brilliant debut.
A chain of victories gained by the national team of Ukrainian hairdressers at the international contests and world championships incited further development of hairdressing movement in Ukraine and in 1997 the Ukrainian Hairdressers Union was established. Annual try-outs and hairdressing championships were launched in our country. In 1998 Ukraine became a fully-fledged member of OMC, the World Hairdressers Organization. Intensive exchange of technology and information moved to a global level.

Since that time, the national team of Ukraine formed by all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization ‘Association of Hairdressers of Ukraine’ regularly takes part in OMC European and World Competitions, which are the most prestigious world competitions among the hairdressers, make-up and nail artists.

The national team of Ukraine unites the best professionals of our country, who demonstrate high competence and proficiency during the domestic competitions which are the try-outs to the Championship of Ukraine held under the auspices of UHU.

Ukrainian Hairdressers Union, being the official member of ОМС, forms the jury team, which represents Ukraine on the international competitions.